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For some, de-registration becomes the only option.

Updated: May 20

De-registration can be really hard for many. Our educational approach and systems are such an ingrained fabric of our society that to have to pull away actually feels like a tearing inside. We're not talking here about a positive and pro-active de-registration experience - on the grounds of practicality or strong belief in home education. No, we're talking about the kind of de-registration that comes after months of anxiety, sleepless nights, reaching for support that doesn't seem to exist, fear of isolation, total confusion, family chaos and the resultant loneliness of no one knowing what you are going through.

You see there are families who are walking the walk above. Where all of a sudden their child no longer fits the mould or becomes broken by the mould. That starts a very scary chain of events that can impact the child, the siblings, the marriage and the whole family unit. For some they struggle on and manage to keep coercing, bribing, and pushing their loved ones into the structure. For others that simply never works and causes such harm, and we are talking here about potentially life threatening harm, that there is no other choice but to end the pain. To separate from the ingrained fabric. To not-so-boldly go where they think no man has gone before and to deregister.

But....people have gone before you. You are certainly not alone and it will be ok! You'll find freedom to pioneer a better way for your child, round holes for your round pegs, and people to stand with you and spur you on. You'll also quickly come to realise that the source of true peace, purpose and meaning has absolutely nothing to do with grades and academic stature. That the forced tearing from the fabric may actually become a blessing in disguise.

connect-Ed isn't just for those with a story similar to the above. We are an open community. Aware that every story is different, and just as painful, and we get you and want to support you. If you are journeying this alone then pick up the phone and let us encourage you as we walk this walk together.

At connect-Ed....

  • We understand that there are a multitude of valid reasons why young people can have deep struggles with the size, rigidity and often high-tension nature of post-primary school.

  • ​​We understand that young people can find themselves under-supported, overwhelmed and over-looked as they struggle to force themselves through sometimes inflexible post-primary structures.​

  • We understand that this can leave some young people feeling unsafe, confused and vulnerable with high anxiety, low self worth and disengagement from learning.

  • We understand that schools and outside agencies can inadvertantly add increased pressure on both child and parent as they seek to see a child integrated.

  • We understand that this pressure can come without a school having the understanding, training, and resources to provide the nurturing necessary for this vulnerable group to have any chance of re-integration and thriving.

  • We understand that for many parents the decision to deregister and home-educate becomes the only available option to alleviate their young person’s pain.​

  • We understand that deregistered and disengaged young people are at greater risk of social isolation and diminishing mental health.

It is for these precious young people and their parents that connect-Ed exists. RW/KW.

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